Spring 2019 Meeting @ Bolt

Last week we finally made a group trip over to Bolt to check out their new space on 42nd and folks got a chance to do some show and tells and talk fabric. It’s an awesome location (so close to the crazy anticipated Yonder location, all you mad foodies). What a dangerous combo for this food and fabric loving gal.

FYI, the google maps pin-drop took Palmarin to the old location on Alberta, so double-check when you’re using the ‘ol navigation! Don’t fall for that!

Gina, the owner, gave us a tour of their new classroom space. PTC got a chance to check out the new digs and Lisa got to take some pics, while the rest of us drooled over the fabrics.

Love these colors … Spring is here!

Palmarin showed us some preview pieces she’s working on for her show @ Blackfish Gallery coming up in June. And, this truly amaze fabric one of her students made for her (the apron she’s wearing). How lucky is this lady? It was a gift for her B-day, so Happy Birthday, Palmarin!



April is teaching a new class at Bolt on sewing bags–and she gave an up-close on some of the details on her sample for the class. I noticed that the fabric is from one of her designs from our first PTC print run–when we were all learning to print. Way to make use of awesome fabric, lady!

April’s sweet sample made from year 1 PTC printed fabric.
This makes me wish I could sew better…

I (Alice) shared some of the prototypes that the hubs and I have been working on using the laser cutter. We’ve been making digital lace from custom software he’s been writing. It’s been tons of fun (endless variations)! I’m going to try to make some stencils for our next PTC fat quarter run.

The lace is the thin white part. Black paper behind it for better contrast.

We hashed out the Summer 2019 theme as a group and decided that it’ll be “Fussy Cuts.” I love that it’s a quilting term (thanks, April for dropping the knowledge) and also it gives us enough poetic play with words to really have fun with different techniques.

We’re all super psyched to get together in May to start working on this next round of designs and can’t wait to see what we end up with.

I’ll post back once we get cracking with in-progress notes and also when the finished rounds go up for sale. Stay tuned!


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